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We have kittens!

Angletwitch Devon Rex currently has a gorgeous litter of kittens. To say we are smitten is an understatement!

We may possibly have two kittens who will be looking to interview their new families soon!

Once they have had their first vaccination, and veterinary check, they will be ready to consider their new homes.

Please note - all Angletwitch Devons are to be indoor only pets, and only allowed outside in a fully cat-proofed garden, or in a catio. While some may consider keeping their cat indoors to be cruel, by doing so you are protecting them from all the dangers of the great outdoors. Cats who have always been kept indoors know no different. They will never miss what they never had.


Angletwitch Devon Rex
Angletwitch Devon Rex

All our kittens leave us when they are AT LEAST 13 weeks old, and have completed their fulll course of their core vaccinations, which also include health checks. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this.

Colour/Pattern Gender Status
Chocolate Tortie Female Under Evaluation
Chocolate Tortie & White Female ON HOLD
Dominant Tortie Female Under Evaluation
Seal Tortie Point & White Female ON HOLD
Seal Pointed Female Under Evaluation


All our kittens leave us with:

A full course of vaccinations (with vaccination card)
At least 2 veterinary health checks
A 5 generation pedigree
4 weeks insurance
At least 2 weeks of their current food
A selection of their favourite toys
A small scent blanket, to help them settle in their new home
An information sheet
And best of all, Feline Coronavirus-free!

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