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Merrypurr Stripey-Onesie (also known as J.J.!)

There's a story behind how J.J. came to join us, and how he ended up
with his name!

Many moons ago, I would often steward at cat shows, assisting the judges
in their duties. It was a role I loved. I handled many a precious bundle of
fur over the years, from the most noble Siamese, to the tiniest baby
Persian. In 2013 I assisted at the Kernow Cat Club show. In the course of my duties, I got to handle the cutest kitten I'd ever seen. This little dot of a
boy stood on long slender legs with lovely oval paws. He had a long slender tail, curiously crinkly fur that I'd seen, but never had the pleasure of feeling before, and the most enormous ears. I was smitten. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd have slipped him in my pocket and brought him home. His name was Jago. A very sucessful show cat, who is also known as Champion & Olympian Silver Imperial Grand Premier Merrypurr Stripey Pyjamas!

When I found out that the breeder had repeated the mating that produced
Jago, I got in touch asking if I could be considered for my own Jago! J.J. is
short for Jago Junior, and his pet name as well as his pedigree name are a
'nod' to his amazing big bro'! J.J. fulfilled my dream of owning my very
own Devon, and was a fantastic introduction to the breed. He is a lovely
gentle boy, who loves to lay in my arms, or sleep under the covers next
to me at night (lovely during the winter, not so much during the summer...).

Many thanks to Gem (Jagos Mum), and Nikki Howells of
Merrypurr Devon Rex for helping make my dream come true!

  Merrypurr Stripey-Onesie


Angletwitch Devon Rex Breeder
JJ enjoying practicing the art of levitation
in our cat-secure back garden



Angletwitch Devon Rex
JJ also loves playing the role of
'protective Uncle' to any kittens in the house

Angletwitch Devon Rex
J.J. posing in his Best in Show Pedigree Pet
pen. He gained his Mastercat title at this show.


Angletwitch Devon Rex
J.J. admiring his Grand Winner rosette at the Maidstone & Medway show. He became a Grand Mastercat at this show.

Angletwitch Devon Rex   Angletwitch Devon Rex

How can anybody not fall instantly in love with this face!


JJ at the Burmese Cat Association, managing to get a
Red Card Day, and Best in Show Pet!

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