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What are Devon Rex cats like?...

Devon Rex cats are far from being 'ordinary', in just about every sense of the term! They are the cheeky, impish rogues that worm their way into your home and heart. I never thought a breed could make me smile so much, but their energetic, crazy behaviour will always bring a smile to your face. When they're not busy using the house as their own personal parkour course, they will settle down for a nice long nap on a warm lap while they recharge their batteries!

They are very easy to live with, even with their naughtiness. As far as looks go, with their oversized ears, and elfin features, they are fascinating to look at. Their rexed fur can only be described as resembling corrugated cardboard, and to stroke it kind of feels similar too, but with an indescribable softness.

They are obviously a cat, but their athleticism and agility reminds me of primates in the jungle, swinging from tree to tree. And then there's the Devon wag. When we got our first Devon Rex, I was somewhat concerned. He was a tiny 13 week old baby, and would come to me for fuss. So, why was I concerned? This little boy was purring away like a steam train, and wagging his tail. Most cat people know that a wagging tail on a cat is usually a sign that they're unhappy, hence my concern. Well, I later came to learn that Devon Rex cats will wag their tails like a dog when they're happy! I will add, they do also wag their tails when they're angry, just to really confuse you. So. Are these cats? Monkeys? Dogs? A bit of each, I think...

You may hear people claim that Devon Rex are hypoallergenic.
Please note - this is not necessarily true! Some people may find they do not react to Devon Rex at all, some not as much as with other breeds, but other people will still have the same reaction.

If you would like to find out if you are allergic or not, it would be best to find a breeder who only has Devon Rex cats, and no other breeds or pets. Some breeders will be happy to work with you to see if you react or not.

Angletwitch Devon RexDevons are very energetic

Angletwitch Devon Rex

Nothing like a self-heating furry blanket
to snuggle up to when it's cold!

Devon Rex cats do not require regular grooming like many other breeds, due to the nature of their short coats. They will however require regular ear checks to make sure there isn't a large buildup of dirt, and a check of the claws, clipping them if necessary. They are definitely one of the lowest maintenance breeds.

New owners must be prepared to live with a pet who will want to be 'helping' you with everything. Cooking, watching TV, reading a book, having a bath, sleeping under the covers next to you. There's no task that a Devon doesn't want to be involved with! Many love sitting on your shoulders to get a better view of whatever mundane task you're completing.

As they are such sociable pets, they need a home where they constantly
have company. It doesn't matter if this is a human, a (calm and forgiving!)
dog, another cat, or even a house rabbit. I suspect if you asked a Devon
which they'd prefer they'd tell you they don't mind, as long as it's warm,
and they can snuggle up for a sleep with whatever and whoever it is!

Please note that Devon Rex are a STRICTLY INDOOR breed. I do not home my kittens with anyone who is considering allowing their cats to free-roam. The world is a very dangerous place. If you want them to enjoy time outside, look into cat-proofing your garden fencing, or building them a 'catio' so they can enjoy the garden, with none of the dangers that the great outdoors has to offer.

Your new kitten should be a joy to be owned by for many years to come, so please consider the breeder carefully.

Get to know your breeder. Do they raise their kittens indoors, as well loved family pets? Your kitten is destined to become a well loved family pet, so it's advisable to get one raised that way. Do they register their kittens? While you may not see this as being important
(after all, you don't want to show or breed), it is actually vital. Breeders who register are ensuring that the breed survives for generations to come, and that the health and wellbeing of their cats and kittens is always a priority. Breeders who register their cats and kittens are bound by very stringent rules and guidelines. Those guidelines cover all aspects of animal husbandry. Aspects that an unregistered (often called a Back Yard Breeder, or BYB) doesn't have to adhere to.

If you buy from a Back Yard Breeder, do you know how many kittens that girl has had in her lifetime? How many times is she bred in a year, or is she simply a breeding machine, given no rest between litters. How healthy are the cats and kittens? I have heard so many sad stories of kittens taken home and then passing away within a few days. Are the parents related? Has the BYB checked the inbreeding coefficients of the mating (most won't even know what that is). For all you know, that Back Yard Breeder could be breeding father to daughter, or brother to sister. Not healthy. Does the breeder know if the lines have been tested for the relevant heritable conditions - especially important for life-limiting or disabling conditions. Never, and I cannot stress this enough, NEVER buy a kiitten to 'rescue' it, because you felt 'so sorry' for it. By buying that kitten, you've made space for the next kitten to be born. Another litter that will be subjected to the same conditions that you just 'rescued' your baby from. An overbred mother subjected to yet another pregnancy when she hasn't recovered from the last one. You are actually enabling the situation. If nobody took these kittens, the owners would be overrun, would accept defeat, stop breeding, and (most likely) sell their remaining cats and kittens at a low price or (preferably) hand them to a rescue centre. No animal deserves to live in terrible conditions, however this kind of 'rescuing' does more harm than good, as it opens the door for even more poor cats and kittens to go through the same horrors.

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